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Lineal weigher

The linear weighers are accurate equipments capable of dosing a wide range of solid products thank you to its special design for every application.


Each head consisting of:

· Hopper for the reception of product provided with extraction vibrating channel .
· Division of product into two different flows "coarse" and "fine" by means of two parallel vibrating channels.
· Weighing cup controlled by weight cell and operated by pneumatical opening.
· Control through microprocessor cpu.
· Controls into movable console with memory up to 20 programs.
· Test displays for output and input signals.
· Automated cup auto-tare programmable according to the behaviour of the product.
· Production data provided by the equipment on being requested.

Most common products

Sweets, coffee, tea, pasta, nuts, olives, french fries or chips, rice, sugar, salt, cereals, pulses, vegetables, cookies, bakery, precooked, frozen products, cheese, hardware items, petfood, detergent, seeds, ice, plastic raw material, fertilizers.

Weighing on vertical packaging machine:

Set on a vertical form, fill and sealing machine, the weighing equipment doses the required quantity in each bag.

Weighing on a thermoforming machine:

Weighers may be set on other packaging equipments such as thermoforming or thermosealing machines among others, discharging on different trays or packages at the same time.

Weighing on boxes:

Set an entering and exiting line, a weighing equipment may be used to weigh a product in large quantities and discharging it in boxes.

Weigher as a semiautomatic equipment:

We have available weighers installed on simple frames so as to be able to carry out intermittent works run by a machine operator.

Multihead weigher

Multihead weighers are highly accurate weighing equipments that can reach a high output. They work through the combination of all its weighing cups.


· Number of weighing cups: 10, 12, 14, 16, 16/32
· Size of cups between 2 y 10 litres.
· Material: stainless steel for the parts in contact with product. It can be corrugated depending on the product to weigh. The whole machine constructed in stainless steel is optional
· Memory with 40 different programs available.
· Automated cup auto-tare each x weights.
· statistical calculations, including standard deviation of the last 100 weights.

Most common products

Sweets, snacks, nuts, vegetables, frozen products, petfood.

Weighing on vertical packaging machine:

Synchronized to a vertical form, fill and sealing machine it is achieved a high output packaging equipment.

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