Dosing units

All automatic packaging process requires a dosage of the product to be packaged, which may be volumetric, by weighing or by number of units, by adhering to the requirements of the project and the nature of the product.

In EQUIPOS DE ENVASADO, S.L. we have a long experience in dosage of all kinds of products: food and industrial, powders and granulates, solids and liquids, and therefore we give response to the dosing process of a large variety of products on the market.

Our dosing equipments can be installed on vertical or horizontal packaging machines, thermoformers or other packaging machines.

Powder                      Solids                      Liquids

Semi-automatic equipments

As an alternative to the automatic packaging for low productions that not recouped those systems, semi-automatic machines offer the possibility of packaging with precision and speed with the help of an operator.

Our most popular models include the semi-automatic weighing equipments for powder, to pack in prefabricated bags or in jars/boats. However, we also offer volumetric and weighing equipments for solids in semi-automatic version.

Dosed in automatic filling line

It is possible to adapt the dosing equipment to automatic filling lines of boats/jars, which can be dosed by volume or by weight.

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