Bucket elevators

Dynamic checkweighers

Printing equipment

Belt conveyors


As complements for our packaging equipments, we offer a wide range of accessories with the aim of being able to offer complete packaging lines depending on the requirements of every project. If it is necessary, agreements with leader companies in the packaging field let us to offer as well a wide range of additional complements to ours (metal detectors, labelling equipments, etc.).


Different elevators are available: bucket elevators and belt conveyors for solid products or auger elevators for all kind of powdery products.

Belt conveyors:

We design and make custom made belts to evacuate the packages once ready or to feed the packaging machine with product.

Printing equipments:

In case of requiring a simple marking on the reel, we have available a simple printing equipment. If it is wished a marking with bar codes and other symbols, we offer as well the installation of printing equipments of specialized companies.

Dynamic checkweighers:

In order to control each one of the packages at the exit of the packaging equipment, the dynamic checkweighers weigh every package and rejects those which weight is out of a margin previously specified.


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